ZHONGGANG Identification

2020-12-22 15:33:32

Shanghai Zonggang Yinyi Digital Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to Shanghai Zonggang Investment Holding Group, is focused on UV application process development and color management as the core, the formation of UV application integration solutions service providers.

Zonggang Yinyi develops and owns "Yinyi China" brand UV large-format digital inkjet printing equipment and multi-function cutting machine and other post-processing equipment through its professional ability in application field, equipment technology, process plan and color management. At the same time, it has become the core agent of Fuji UV large-format printing equipment in China. "Yinyi China" focuses on UV printing and output business, and independently owns advertising signs, signs, exhibition props, decorative building materials, electronic appliances, packaging gifts, bags and clothing, 3D images and industrial supporting UV output application solutions in many fields. With the comprehensive advantages of Zonggang Yinyi Group and the professional ability of integrating market resources, Zonggang Yinyi has built a "3+7" transportation management system with application, equipment, consumable solutions and marketing, operation, training, technology, finance, customer service and after-sales system as the center, and built a business model of "Yinyi China" UV export nationwide franchise; Based on the whole service, with the help of Internet +, with win-win as the core, to provide end-users with the best quality integrated UV application product solutions and multi-dimensional value-added services.

Zonggang Yin Wing adhering to the "customer first, professional service" service concept and "integrity established enterprises, professional win" business purposes, for more entrepreneurs and enterprises in the transformation, supporting, development, growth to provide strong support and service, jointly create a brilliant tomorrow of UV printing business.