2020-12-22 15:40:50

Shanghai Zonggang Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. focuses on the comprehensive renovation of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, the extension of the industrial chain and the innovation of the product line, builds an integrated platform of vertical supply chain for enterprises, serves the whole life cycle of transformation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and is a professional operator integrating industrial park development, investment attraction operation and industrial transformation and upgrading service.

Relying on its own operation and service capability, Zonggang Group integrates six industrial resources including technology, capital, talent, market, alliance and industry media to build an industrial ecological construction circle. The Group is convinced that industrial introduction or investment attraction is not simply to fill up the production carrier space, but to create an industrial ecology. The core is to make the business of the enterprises in the park better and bigger and bigger. In addition, by incubating, cultivating and supporting enterprises to form scale effect and construct leading effect for sustainable development, the park can be further upgraded, and small and medium-sized enterprises can be gathered to settle in, so as to build a good industrial park ecology.

Zonggang Real Estate is an urban complex operator integrating real estate development, property management, commercial management and operation. It has accumulated rich experience in development and operation, and formed a complete operating system of market research, product positioning, business planning, development and construction, investment promotion, and operation management. With a breakthrough and innovative business model, we will comprehensively improve the quality and value of urban life and promote the vigorous development of urban areas.

Zonggang Real Estate is building a new model of industrial and urban integration combining industry and urban development, giving full play to its comprehensive advantages in project development and construction, industrial resource import, urban operation and maintenance, and optimal allocation of resources, and providing solutions for sustainable urban development that are livable, suitable for business and suitable for business. The strategic goal of Zonggang Real Estate to 2025 will focus on the development of super-large health industrial park, business logistics park and mass innovation industrial park, to provide a better construction and development plan for the society.