ZHONGGANG Logistics;

2020-12-22 15:44:42

Shanghai at tianjin logistics co., LTD belongs to Shanghai port of longitudinal investment holding group, a wholly owned subsidiary, is based on its advertising equipment logistics demand at the same time, with large-scale production enterprise in supply chain, chains and e-commerce companies as service object, and provide raw materials including logistics, production logistics, finished product logistics and distribution logistics, the logistics service enterprises. Wangjin Logistics focuses on supporting the supply chain process of advertising equipment, including logistics capability assessment, system design, consulting and whole process logistics agency services. At the same time, we have four logistics distribution bases in South China, Southwest China, East China and North China as well as our own distribution vehicles to meet the convenient distribution services throughout the country in time.

Zonggang Logistics takes reducing the logistics cost of advertising equipment and hardware and electromechanical industry as its mission, and adheres to the principle of "experience-oriented, efficiency-winning, technology-driven". Currently, Zonggang Logistics has operated 4 major logistics centers and distributed more than 200 warehouses across the country. Longitudinal port logistics is committed to the future will be in the past more than 20 years of accumulation of infrastructure, management experience, professional technology to advertising equipment and hardware mechanical and electrical industry comprehensive opening, around the "short chain, intelligent and symbiosis", hand in hand to two advertising equipment, hardware mechanical and electrical industry to build intelligent based network supply chain, make advertising platform, hardware supply chain industry, providing customers with the whole supply chain service and technical solutions, provide consumers with "has the speed more temperature" high quality logistics services.