epidemic prevention and control

2021-01-16 10:21:56

East park

To cooperate with relevant government departments strengthen epidemic prevention and control publicity, called for the social from all walks of life love linkage, control group control, completes the prevention work, Shanghai port group longitudinal emergency related department personnel leave Shanghai and start printing machines laboratory, had worked, worked together for the relevant government departments to provide the first batch of nearly two hundred propaganda banners production processing, and make a response to a call again at any time, ready to fight.


On the noon of January 30th, Zonggang Group Party Branch immediately called on the staff from all business units staying in Shanghai to form an emergency epidemic publicity banner support group after receiving the government's demand for assistance, and stressed that it is urgent to strengthen epidemic prevention publicity work! Although it was the Spring Festival holiday and the peak outbreak period of the epidemic, the team members did not complain after learning the situation, responded quickly and returned to work quickly. After taking protective measures such as masks and gloves, and through a series of cooperative operations such as material requisitions, design and typesetting, urgent purchase of ink, printing and making, we worked overtime overnight to complete the first batch of banner making and processing tasks on time, which served our brave, efficient and cooperative members of the Zong Kong.

The group is deeply moved and respects the front-line "retrograde" heroes who face the difficulties head-on. At the same time, he said: "The epidemic is an order, we longitudinal Hong Kong people must also contribute to a force!" At the same time, the group has made a donation to the government CDC through the local chamber of commerce, and said that the company will continue to pay close attention to the change of the epidemic and actively participate in the second donation activity.

Unite and unite to overcome the difficulties! Believe that the motherland will win!