Value creation, goal-oriented
Enterprise whether good is measured by creating value for the society, the employee is the creator of enterprise value, enterprise value is closely related with the value of our employees.  People create value, enterprise just can have value. This requires every one of us always with the principle of creating value, for each work, first thing is to evaluate the creation of value, value here includes both direct economic value, also includes indirect value.

  Under the premise of guaranteeing the creation of value, the goal is clear. Everyone should clearly understand the direction of work. Each task must be clear and unambiguous, and the work of self-determination should be quantified and clearly defined details, completing the node, what is the result of the completion. When many tasks appear at the same time, it is necessary to clearly understand the focus of the work tasks, sorted out according to priorities, and strengthen the goal-oriented. In this way, there will be no waste of time and idleness, so that work efficiency can be improved.

So the criterion for the enterprise to measure talent is whether this person can be goal-oriented and create value.