• Category managerWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Position Statement:
    1、Responsible for the project supplier information collection, echelon supplier development, supplier relationship maintenance and improvement, strategic supplier training。
    2、Responsible for maintaining the relationship with the overall main suppliers of the project, as well as the reserve, development and introduction of echelon suppliers, and the integration and fixation of the regional coverage of suppliers. Establish a regular return visit mechanism between the two main suppliers, and constantly improve and optimize the differences in cooperation。
    3、Responsible for the preparation, negotiation and signing of the annual contract of the project supplier within the overall supplier management framework, and supervise the effective implementation of the contract by the supplier。
    4、Responsible for monitoring the upstream raw material trend, understanding the market and customer demand, analyzing the sales situation, providing upstream data support for the company's decision-making。
    5、To be responsible for the collection of commodity knowledge and information of the project, and to be responsible for the evaluation and confirmation of commodity introduction and elimination。
    6、Responsible for commodity cost analysis ability, improve bargaining ability, and constantly improve the cost performance and market competitiveness of products。
    7、Closer visits and interactions with sales units and markets, timely development of new products in the industry, continuous expansion of product lines, to improve the industry competitiveness of the overall project in charge。
    8、Actively participate in the follow-up and solution of market information of sales stores, and jointly promote the promotion of commodity sales of stores and the influence of market share。

    1、University degree or above, major in purchasing, logistics, marketing or related is preferred;
    2、Strong market insight and market analysis skills, excellent communication and interpersonal coordination skills;
    3、Strong ability to analyze and judge the cost analysis, market trend and purchasing data of the goods I am responsible for;
    4、At least 2 years of continuous working experience in purchasing or sales, preferably in retail purchasing management;
    5、Proficient in Office software, familiar with simple operation of ERP and Office automation system (collaborative platform), with a certain ability of writing organization, able to independently draft daily correspondence and memoranda between suppliers.
  • procurement assistantWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Position Statement:
    1、Responsible for product supplier information collection, improve supplier relationship management system, echelon supplier development, supplier relationship maintenance and promotion, strategic supplier training。
    2、Be responsible for the relationship maintenance of the overall main supplier of the product, as well as the reserve and development of the echelon supplier, the introduction of the work, the integration and fixation of the supplier area coverage。
    3、Responsible for the preparation, negotiation and signing of annual contract with suppliers, and supervise the effective implementation of contract with suppliers。
    4、Responsible for purchasing order management, goods source monitoring, return processing, etc。

    1、College degree or above, major in management, logistics, marketing or related field, at least 3 years working experience in chain industry。
    2、Familiar with purchasing process, supplier evaluation, assessment, and related quality system standards。
    3、Good organizational and coordination skills within and across departments, good negotiation, interpersonal communication skills, strong teamwork skills。