2020-12-22 15:21:57

Shanghai port of longitudinal advertising equipment co., LTD., affiliated to Shanghai port of longitudinal investment holding group co., LTD., is China's boss channels of circulation enterprises focus on advertising equipment, terminal customers, serving the extensive advertising equipment series products cover more than ten thousands of varieties, with Mount Fuji, mike, CLS, beauty, and many other industry well-known brands, agent for foreign and domestic famous brands such as 3 m, lit at the same time.

To development and prosperity of advertising equipment industry as own duty, industry experience, professional talent, comprehensive scale and strong, over the years, the good faith management, continuous improvement, integrated advertising equipment products, information, distribution, technical services in one, is committed to work for the general customers and manufacturers set up an open, transparent, fast and convenient platform for the professional service, strive to become a famous brand advertising equipment channels circulation.

Advertising equipment industry boss approved by the competent department of the government of the chain, chain business association, member of China in Shanghai, Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen, tianjin, chengdu and so on more than 80 large and medium-sized cities with chain and branch, branch number, sustained and rapid growth has spread advertising equipment circulation service network throughout the country.

Based on the complete series of products, stable supply channels, reliable product quality and the huge service network, for large and medium-sized enterprises of outdoor advertising and commercial logo advertising equipment products in the system, has been used in petroleum, China mobile, the state grid, wal-mart, the bank of China, modern cars, galanz, and many other well-known enterprises, is the large and medium-sized enterprise image construction of professional partners.

Awarded China's foreign trade enterprise credit system of the national Ministry of Commerce designated demonstration unit, has many years of experience in foreign trade customer service, "the Chinese channel circulation service public satisfaction award" classic advertising apparatus can meet the different regions, various types of professional services to the customer demand, in southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions to establish a good business foundation.

Adhering to the "good faith enterprise, specializing in the winning" business purpose, adhere to the "a station buy neat, let you worry" service concept, and constantly enhance the level of customer service ability and strengthen the management, leading sustainable and healthy development of China's advertising equipment industry strides forward to specialization, scale and international chain enterprises, committed to creating the world's leading advertising equipment channel service providers