• Customer Service ExecutiveWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Service and answer customers by telephone, and provide customers with fast and accurate inquiry services;
    2、Register and record daily data;
    3、Complete other tasks assigned by leader。

    1、Standard mandarin, articulate;
    2、Strong sense of customer service, conscientiousness and responsibility;
    3、Have marketing, customer, real estate agents and other sales workers preferred;
    4、Rigorous and responsible in work;Diligent and practical, good sense of service and team spirit;
    5、Familiar with telemarketing or customer service business models, customer service experience is preferred。

  • manager of technical departmentWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Responsible for setting up the job responsibilities of the department staff, evaluating the performance of the staff and putting forward suggestions on rewards and punishments 。
    2、Instruct, deal with, coordinate and solve the technical problems in the production process in time to ensure the normal operation of production。
    3、Responsible for the formulation, supervision and guidance of the company's technical management system, process flow, operation specifications and other documents, as well as the assessment of professional and technical personnel。
    4、According to the company's operation and management objectives and tasks, coordinate the work arrangement of the department, formulate work plans, organize technical forces to solve technological problems and technical management problems, establish technical management systems, and put forward decision-making suggestions to the company leaders on major technical matters。
    5、 Participate in technical negotiations and foreign technical exchanges, responsible for the application and certification of related technology patents。

    1、Male, bachelor degree or above, more than 6 years related working experience, more than 3 years department management experience, printing equipment industry is preferred。
    2、Experience in mechanical equipment development and design or application solution development is preferred。
  • Material control partWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Responsible for purchasing materials and controlling the stock of materials;
    2、Warehouse inventory control and inventory value is reasonable and in line with requirements;
    3、Follow-up and progress control of incoming materials, control and deal with abnormal materials;
    4、Monthly regular inventory, timely filing of related lists。

    1、Technical secondary school or above, more than 3 years experience in material control and quality control is preferred;
    2、Proficient in office software, experience in ERP system is preferred;
    3、Proactive, strong sense of responsibility, good communication and coordination skills。

  • graphic designerWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Responsible for the planning and design of various promotional materials for stores;
    2、Assist the daily operation of the store to provide art support;
    3、Assist to complete the layout of store planning scheme or PPT template design, beautification work;
    4、According to the design drawings provided by customers, customer requirements, design and follow up new product proofing work;
    5、Cooperate with related department to complete other assigned work。

    1、College degree or above, major in art, graphic design, art design or related;
    2、At least 3 years working experience in graphic design and related successful cases;
    3、Proficient In Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design and other software, good typesetting skills, 3DMAX is preferred;
    4、Have the novel design concept, the creative ability is strong, the imagination is rich, familiar with the printing process and the process;
    5、Interviewee must bring resume and recent design work。

  • YardmanWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、After receiving the customer order, understand the customer delivery time and quality requirements, place the order to the workshop immediately and verify the delivery time and emphasize the quality requirements;
    2、Assist to complete the order, confirm the name, specification, quantity, unit price, payment method, packaging requirements, delivery date, etc;
    3、Follow up delivery information and inform related personnel in time;
    4、To assist in the store delivery, inventory goods, inspection;
    5、Establish detailed customer information files;
    6、Perform other tasks assigned by leader。

    1、College degree or above;
    2、At least 2 years dispatching experience in related field;
    3、Strong communication and computer skills;
    4、Have team spirit, strong communication and negotiation skills, strong sense of responsibility。

  • Equipment Sales EngineerWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Responsible for the marketing of the company's solutions in the industries of image, publishing, printing, packaging, etc;
    2、Maintain good relationship with high-end customers in above industries, promote product and solution sales;
    3、Project planning, tracking, presentation and negotiation for key accounts;
    4、Daily customer management, customer database update;
    5、Achieve the sales target set by the company。

    1、College degree or above in marketing or mechanical engineering;
    2、Trained in marketing, product knowledge, etc;
    3、At least 4 years related product (instrument equipment, software) sales experience, have certain customer resources;
    4、Ability to analyze and solve problems independently;
    5、Good communication skill and persuasive ability。

  • Investment Promotion Training SpecialistWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Responsible for the design and training of targeted training courses for prospective customers;
    2、Design the training form and method, design and implement the training evaluation system, track the training effect。

    1、College degree or above, major in management or related;
    2、Relevant training and working experience历;
    3、Outgoing personality, have the spirit of struggle and team work;
    4、Strong ability of analysis and course development;
    5、Excellent presentation and communication skills;
    6、Adapt to short-term business trip;
    7、Insurance, finance industry training experience is preferred。
  • network saleWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Communicate with customers on the network according to the available resources provided by the company (no need to go outside);
    2、Through the network for remote explanation and installation, to provide customers with good pre-sales service;
    3、Help and contact relevant departments or units to solve the problems and procedures in the process of using the products;
    4、Assist department supervisor to achieve performance target and daily work。

    1、Female, cheerful personality, affinity, good at communication with people;
    2、Have a sense of responsibility and strong ability to work under pressure;
    3、Have a strong sense of teamwork and team honor。

  • telemarketingWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Make phone calls to potential customers through resources provided by your company (or your own);
    2、Recommends products or services by telephone and achieves sales targets ;
    3、Achieve sales targets by recommending products or services over the phone。

    1、Female, at least 1 year working experience in telemarketing or large call center;
    2、Responsible and good communication skills;
    3、Strong ability of judgment and execution;
    4、Team player, able to face challenges actively。

  • business invitation commissionerWorkplace:SHANGHAI
    Job Description:
    1、Responsible for the promotion of products in the region under my jurisdiction;
    2、Responsible for negotiating with agents, signing sales contracts, and providing services to agents;
    3、Responsible for the development and management of agents, maintain a good cooperative relationship;
    4、Collect market information and feedback timely;
    5、Record dealer information and set up information file。

    1、College degree or above, major in marketing, management or related;
    2、At least 1 year working experience in chain, franchise, real estate and other related industries, familiar with dealer, chain store franchise and other investment attraction, development and channel management, understanding the city market situation is preferred;
    3、Good business negotiation ability and chain investment experience is preferred。