The 2020 Winter Games

2021-01-16 11:43:04

At 19:00 on December 14, 2020, the closing ceremony of the 2020 Winter Games of Zonggang Holding Group was held in the Sports Hall of East China Park. All the staff of Zonggang Group and all the business units were present. What is different from the past is that all the competitions will take the form of team competitions, in order to better enhance the sense of team and sense of collective honor. After a month of intense and fierce competition, Zonggang Holding Group's 2020 Winter Games came to a successful end!

1611902449100517.jpgPresident Qian delivered a speech at the closing ceremony

      At the closing ceremony, Mr. Qian Kuo, director of Zonggang Group and general manager of Zonggang Stock, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony. First of all, he would like to express his warmest congratulations to the athletes who have achieved excellent results, and express his heartfelt thanks to all the referees and staff of the games. Qian said: although the sports meeting is over, but the spirit of sports will never stop, I hope my family in the future work, continue to carry forward the spirit of "dare to challenge, dare to break through", break through their own limits, all difficulties and obstacles as a stepping stone, to challenge to break through, and work together for the vigorous development of Zong Hong! Finally, Manager Qian announced: Zonggang Holding Group 2020 Winter Games successfully closed!22_meitu_1.jpgAll the family members gathered in the East China Park Sports Hall

        In this Games, each team representative fully demonstrated the Zongkong people to overcome difficulties, vigorous and progressive spirit and unity, cooperation, forge ahead good style. They won honors for their teams and contributed to the sports meeting. They interpreted the courage and spirit of "daring to challenge and dare to break through" with their own actions, and passed on the competition style of "participation first and unity first" to their families, fully demonstrating the enterprising spirit of Zonggang.

33_meitu_1.jpgThe winning team of tug-of-war competition

The winning team of table tennis competition55_meitu_3.jpg
Badminton winning team66_meitu_4.jpg
Fun Challenge Winning Team

       Sweat to write victory, struggle to cast brilliant. Although the games are over, the sportsmanship will never stop. Zonggang family members will in the future work to deal with every busy task, shoulder heavy responsibility, will play this spirit, dare to challenge the unknown task, dare to break through their own limits, all difficulties and obstacles as a stepping stone, will "dare to challenge, dare to break through" spirit carried forward! Work hard for the vigorous development of Hong Kong!


Highlights of the basketball star game


Highlights of the badminton team competition


Highlights of the table tennis team competition


Fun Challenge highlights


Highlights of tug-of-war competition