2021, invincible

2021-01-26 13:52:43


At the business summary meeting at the end of last year, my theme was "2020, winning all corners of the world". At that time, we thought that 2020 might be a difficult year, and there might be some challenges brought to us by the reform of supply policies from international to domestic. During the Spring Festival, the epidemic suddenly spread across the country and roads were closed. At that time, people paid more attention to their lives and even their lives than to the economy. People were scared and full of anxiety and fear because of the epidemic. In the market competition, how to lead the enterprise and the team well, can make achievements in the harsh environment, with the performance to prove ourselves. Today I'm going to pick up where I left off last year. Not only do we live, we live better, and we're invincible!

I speak today the theme of "2021, the competition is more important to strengthen the idea and management concept, we form a team of values, the future of our strategy will deepen, organizationally, in what advantage to overcome the bad environment, to gain the advantage of our core, in other words we settle in the end, we have what skills, what do we do for the survival and development. Now the Internet and even the future of the Internet of all things, we really have to rely on their own skills to survive and develop.

Summarize the domestic economic situation in 2020

First, the United States to suppress, ahead of the epidemic

1. At the beginning of the year, China's economy declined rapidly, -13.4%. The United States began its trade blockade against China in 2018. This year, the epidemic was ahead of its time, so China's economy declined rapidly at the beginning of the year, which was -- 13.4%.

2. The epidemic spread around the world in the middle of the year. From 3 April to encourage Chinese companies to return to work and production, in the strict control epidemic situation, some enterprises have begun to return to normal in May, in the third quarter began to export, especially we do international trade knows when we are in the third quarter is still very little order, continued until the fourth quarter to receive a large number of export orders, since the global epidemic situation is still grim,

3. Organize self-correction (review and correct, attack and defend, and accumulate energy). Organizationally, we rectify ourselves by holding constant review meetings to correct and solve the mistakes and remaining problems that have become a burden. What is more important is that we are able to attack and defend. If an organization encounters difficulties and does not know how to make a good plan before starting, it will die in the harsh environment. More important is our company offer energy, especially the two began to senior leaders in half salary in March, we have a sense of "home", at least when we are able to coexistence and co-prosperity with corporate team, so we have to save the "stage" of the foundation is stable, because we have such a determination and drive, our company began to be lighter and began to "thin", began to "normal" constitution, began to run up, in the process of running mechanism is getting better and better, run faster and faster.

Second, institutional advantages, manufacturing basis

1. In November, imports and exports were US $460 billion, with a surplus of US $75.4 billion. In October, China's imports and exports were US $460 billion, leaving a surplus of US $75.4 billion. This is the largest monthly profit and the highest import and export quota since the beginning of the reform and opening up policy.

2. Annual economic growth of 1.8%, the only positive growth economy in the world. Despite the global recession, China is the only economy with positive economic growth, including some related products that China will export in large quantities due to the epidemic in 2020. At the moment, exports of household consumer goods were strong in the fourth quarter, as the global epidemic continued to spread and foreign countries became more concerned about prevention.

(3) Return to the real economy and expand internal circular demand. It is concluded from the above that the whole national strategy will return to the real economy, and will expand the internal circular demand and encourage scientific and technological innovation. Therefore, we should seize the opportunity, not only to see the foreign market, but also to see that the domestic market space is very large. Next, we in China will have a lot of space to reflect the advantages of manufacturing, solid foundation. Such as BYD, it can quickly convert the production of masks, very fast; But in the United States, an auto company cannot quickly convert to other production in the capitalist system of the United States. Only China can.

What should companies do in 2021

In 2021, our enterprise will either "die" or "survive"! Only by "surviving" can we achieve better development. Now I would like to share with you my business philosophy, thoughts and team values.

One, do not do:

1. Not having the right ideology, overambitious, gambler mentality (words and deeds differ, get rich overnight)

Since its establishment in 2001, the company has set up multiple business divisions, each of which should always bear in mind the importance of ideology. Thinking concept determines our behavior and action, often some people are not aware of their own thinking consciousness of the wrong, this is not desirable;

There is opportunistic behavior, say a set of theories, but really do not go to the implementation, such as how to lead a team, how to defeat the competitors, but never to intensive cultivation. This kind of behavior belongs to words and deeds, just seek overnight wealth;

2, once and for all, no ambition, no concentration, no patience (unclear goals, perseverance is not enough)

Some business units achieved success in the early stage, gaining some customers and achievements, but later there were almost no new customers or new markets, so the team continued to rely on the old ones. Even some ideas are still very old, not enterprising and unchanged new, weak awareness of crisis;

When our direction and goal are not clear, the team does not know how to start, can not work together, do things will have no perseverance and no route.

3. No bottom line, love of comfort (no boundaries, swing from side to side), do not follow business common sense (cash flow, risk resistance)

Being comfortable, not creating market opportunities. Therefore, especially when doing some business, there is no bottom line, swing from side to side, confirm vague and uncertain about the plan of the team report, or deviation is also OK, the budget is done well, the results of the implementation is poor and so on. These are all deviated from the backbone; No principles and no bottom line is the most terrible, as a senior or manager, no bottom line thinking and no principles, especially when the decision, the choice of the left and right, then the vitality of the enterprise is no, also can not withstand the market waves.

In the absence of blood flow and hematopoietic function, our vitality will fail at any time.

4. More and more distant from customers and slower and slower response to the market (close to the market and close to customers)

The business division can think about where our customers are, how far away we are from them, how much energy we have to serve them, dig out their voices, listen to their pain points, and find out our better services and products. If we do not approach the customer or the market, but always sit in the office and look at the data, do not receive the voice from the front line, do not listen carefully to the complaints and reactions from the customer, then we deviate from the market. Finally lead to strategy ambiguity, management failure, serious internal friction.

5, fuzzy strategy, management failure, serious internal friction

Our country is already doing the 2035 strategy "now we are 75% of the total US economy, 15 years from now we will be 75% of China, we will be the world's largest economy". Our strategy in Hong Kong is to contribute to the "beauty display" column in China's rapid development. We strive to change whether in the community street, government, urban, rural, tourism and other environments to play their role, to create a beautiful display or promotion for customers, this is what we want to do. So in the future we are going to provide products? Or provide logistics? Or provide design? Or provide a comprehensive one-stop solution? This is what the divisions have to work on together. Think about it for each business unit. We have phased strategies and short-term plans. Our business plan in 2021 May be the business plan. In those years how to do, but after a few years of our professional formation, is not in the same line, more important is that our team should be unity and cooperation, the formation of a positive energy, rather than slander each other, neglect each other.

Two, how to "survive"?

1. Correct strategy and firm belief

Because the 21st year is the centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China was founded on the day with a firm will and goals. And the initial will be transformed into a number of people seek welfare initiatives. Then our team is the same, how to benefit our team, the strength of everyone together, and around our strategic goals to go. Only when the strategy is successful can our team be strong, and then our strategy is very clear. The company will grow, and then what kind of pressure do we have to have this core capability to challenge all kinds of competition? In other words, where are our core competitiveness reflected in several aspects?

Now the group also began to plan "one-stop solution", yesterday afternoon our board of directors also put forward an idea, is how to solve the integrity of the application of solutions, we set aside a part of the funds to encourage successful cases, this is the future we do for the society, for the customer's successful cases.

2, strengthen organizational ability, continuous change and innovation

Constant change is innovation. Let's take the chain as an example. It's changing every year. It's constantly innovating. The innovation of mechanism, especially the innovation of organizational capability, or the transformation of temporary capability into continuous capability, and so on, that's what we need to think about in managing organizations.

3. Build a team full of vitality and combat effectiveness

We can see that historical wars have always been won by a well-trained team. Otherwise suddenly war comes if don't exercise at ordinary times, no order no strategy to face, such as fragmented, you will be "down", so we need to exercise, from daily morning meeting in the morning or at noon midday exercise, is one of the forms, the more is the pk between our organizations, our pk with the external market, our category and the category of the pk, actually these are constantly in practice, constantly in the simulation of our tactics. In fact, China's epidemic is the same, it is a group of normally well-trained heroes "counterattack" dedication, to protect the safety of the people throughout the country. The same is true of our organization. We need a group of dedicated people to support the organization. Of course, the state will also support more innovative, competitive and dynamic enterprises.

4, customer-centered, create value for customers

Whether they are doing logistics or service, they should support the front line and bring service and recognition to customers. Both directly and indirectly, they should think about this. Then the enterprise will make progress. Therefore, the concept of Zonggang itself is "all for beauty", that is, our chain serves for "beauty display". If we continue to guide customers to use some new products, new processes, new technologies and new equipment, then we will lead the market. Now most of us are still satisfied with the market or even in the competition to constantly optimize our products and services, so we should have the common awareness: to create value for customers.

Be invincible through hard struggle

We do not need those decayed and bureaucratic ideas, which should be thrown away. Our fresh blood should rise together with the organized and powerful team, eliminate those backward ideas and negative energy, and the team should be bold to try and innovate.

First, passion! Ordinary people can work wonders!

This is a great sentence, when you realize that you have potential, you want to do it, you need to fully motivate yourself to do it. In fact, we are ordinary people, why can get together, why can be useful, is that we continue to stimulate the potential, maintain the consistent enthusiasm, perseverance, and finally we become professionals.

Second, the process of struggle is hard, after the growth is happy!

Last year, we also emphasized the point that although we are in the storm, after the storm, a rainbow will appear. The sense of joy, gain, and accomplishment that we will feel when we emerge from the hardships, difficulties, and setbacks of 2020 will be very different from those who have not experienced it.

Three, physical fitness, live better!

Summarization is for planning to do better. Plan management is actually action management. In many cases, we make annual summary and plan, but we fail to timely adjust the action force in the daily implementation or change, resulting in empty plans. In the final annual summary, we find that there is a big gap between the budget and plan. So we need to constantly summarize, constantly adjust our plan, that is, our action power, to ensure that our goals are achieved.

Finally, I wish everyone good health! Hard work always pays off! The year of the ox is more ox!