2021 outreach activities

2021-04-21 14:52:11

Don't stay for spring thunder, not spring line. On April 17th, all the family members of Zonggang started the journey of exploring potential and gathering strength. They carried out a one-day expansion activity. They were with one mind and with full confidence, braving wind and waves and heading for the future together!


Zonggang East China Park


Group photo of Zhonggang South China Park

The activity is divided into two sites: Shanghai Binjiang Forest Park in East China Park and Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area in South China Park. All the members are randomly divided into five teams, each team leader and referee are selected by the organizing committee, each team members are composed of family members from different divisions, the team is designed to strengthen the communication and understanding between divisions, in this expansion activity and the future daily work, can be tacit cooperation, hand in hand, common development.


President Qian delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

At 9:00 a.m., Zonggang Group and the family members of each business unit, dressed in uniform and holding high the flag of the activity, arrived at the activity sites of East and South China for the opening ceremony. In East China, Mr. Qian Kuo, Director of Zongkong Group and General Manager of Zongkong Stock, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and carried out the flag awarding ceremony. After an inspiring speech, the family is full of enthusiasm, ready to go, full of expectations for the next activities.



Game "Hot Wheels"



Game "Longitudinal Hong Kong Family"



Game "Post Book"



Game "Relay Run"


Game "The Journey of Beads"






Game "Walking Clocking in"

This activity consists of two parts, expand games and clock out on foot, five groups respectively challenged the "port of longitudinal members" "invincible hot wheels" "post the book" "relay" and "a walking punch" and other activities, each one carefully planned expansion project has inspired people keen interest and enthusiasm, in development experience, the team members under the mutual cooperation, Conquer the one by one once thought impossible task, after completion of each task, family share the joy of success and the challenge of passion, the full trust and help to the team, effective communication, empathy, reasonable organization, leadership and executive force is closely related to the work of management and communication art. It also stimulates the team's high enthusiasm for work and the driving force for innovation, making the team more creative and cohesive.


In the sharing and summarizing of each team, this expansion activity was successfully concluded in the enthusiastic closing speech of Mr. Deng Kesu, director and vice president of Zonggang Group. This expansion activity enhanced the family's understanding of the strength of the team, felt the importance of communication, cooperation and cohesion, promoted the family's collective sense of belonging to the Zonggang team, and showed the spiritual outlook of Zonggang people. This year when the longitudinal Hong Kong head into the 20 years, longitudinal Hong Kong all the way forward, not wave bound; Hong Kong salutes the future and begins the next 20 years. I believe that in the future work, all the family members of Zonggang will be able to gather team strength, ride the wind and waves together, and create a brilliant chapter together!