Mid-Autumn reunion, longitudinal Hong Kong concentric win the future

2021-09-22 11:14:08

On the evening of September 17, 2021, A large-scale Mid-Autumn Festival gala with the theme of "Forging ahead for 20 Years and Winning the Future together" was held simultaneously in the two parks of East China and South China by Zonggang Group. The moon is round and the people are round. All the family members of Zonggang gather together, sing and dance, and share the joy of reunion.

The activity in East China park was kicked off in a toast by Mr. Qian Kuo, director of Zong Gang Group.

First of all, he would like to express his sincere thanks to all partners in the business divisions of The Group and its branches around the country, and best wishes to all the families. He said: "The development of the past 20 years is very precious. In the future journey, ZHK will continue to open the new 20 years with the spirit of" pragmatic, enterprising, cooperative and innovative "and the orientation of" connectivity, intensification and innovation ". The company firmly believes that through the joint efforts of Zonggang Group and all business units, as well as the silent support of all family members, we will be able to create a business cooperation platform with all family members as the main body! Finally, Mr. Qian wishes all zonggang family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy family!


President Qian's Mid-Autumn Festival speech

At the same time, in South China longgui Park, President Bian, General Manager of Commercial Space, General Manager Xu, General manager of Zongheng Technology, General Manager LAN, General manager of International Division, General Manager Li, Deputy general manager of Financial Communication and Logo Division, and General Manager Hu of Guangdong Regional Office of Zonggang Chain extended their holiday wishes to zonggang families respectively!


Host opening

Under the elaborate planning, design and rehearsal of The people of Zonggang, the 2021 Large Mid-Autumn Festival Gala of Zonggang Group was opened with enthusiastic opening dance, and the wonderful shows were also continuous, with applause and shouts.

1. East China Park Program Appreciation:


Opening dance "Sister Riding the Waves"


Love me and Harbor


Dance Series "Dancing Youth"


Sketch "Growing up in an Instant"


Sign language performance of "Don't Give Up"1632278704166662.jpgMelodrama "Me and My Harbor"


Ancient Folk Dance "Grain in Ear"


Red Song Mix

Ii. South China Park Program Appreciation:11.jpg

Poetry recitation of "Hymn of Youth"


Dance "Hear me Say Thank you"


Solo "Laughing"

44.jpgFluorescent Dance "Flower Guardian"


Guitar playing

66.jpgChorus of "Tomorrow will Be Better"

Iii. Lucky Draw:


The night is vast, the full moon in the sky, melodious melody lingering ears. In the laughter and laughter, we harvested deep friendship and spent an unforgettable night. With the award of the program, the 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Gala has come to an end, but The new journey of Zong Gang is also about to set sail! 20 years adhere to the dream, 20 years stand together through thick and thin; Twenty years of wind and rain, the new journey to cast brilliant!