Start with one heart and arrive with love

2022-06-17 15:02:25

The outbreak faded and spring blossomed. This round of epidemic outbreak in Shanghai is in full force. The City responded quickly to the call of the government and joined hands with the people of the whole city to protect the "Shanghai" home. The epidemic finally ushered in the dawn. After the full restoration of normal production and life order, all the family members quickly recovered their strength and set out with one heart.

Multiple measures have been taken to ensure epidemic prevention and security in the park

Strictly adhering to the epidemic prevention policies of Shanghai Municipality, The City has formulated epidemic prevention and control plans and emergency response plans for the East China Park, and carried out regular nucleic acid and antigen screening for all members of the park in accordance with the requirements of the local government. To the canteen and other public area environment, goods and products to carry out preventive elimination. The company further strengthened the security personnel epidemic prevention knowledge and relevant business training, strictly implemented the code scanning into the park system, did a good job of protection education, all kinds of protective equipment distribution in place.


Green code post, orderly guide


Nucleic acid and antigen screening for all staff

Spare no efforts to ensure the supply of all kinds of materials

During outbreaks, east campus accommodation in fully ensure the partner of all kinds of demand at the same time, the longitudinal port, isolated heart partners health in arrange home office and finish the nucleic acid detection, for the practical solution was accused of partners "buy vegetables difficult" problem, longitudinal port group logistics group, overall arrangement, emergency procurement and transport planning, We will spare no effort to send gift packages (including rice, oil, eggs, milk and other urgently needed supplies) to those quarantined at home to ensure daily necessities and build support for the fight against the epidemic.


Spare no effort to distribute daily necessities

Guarding the home of "Shanghai" longitudinal partners volunteered

Hong Kong Partners have fully demonstrated the meaning of responsibility and responsibility of "Hong Kong family culture" during the epidemic. In response to the call of the government, our partners immediately reported to their communities and volunteered to go against the tide. Just like the "responsibility of family" in The Family culture of Hong Kong, partners have influenced and led people around them through their own efforts, actively assumed their social responsibilities, made their own contribution to the fight against the epidemic in Shanghai, and jointly guarded our home.


Our partners are spearheading the fight against COVID-19

We will work together to overcome this difficult time

With the full lifting of the lockdown in Shanghai, Hong Kong has been steadily carrying out various work in a steady and orderly manner while preventing and controlling the epidemic. Isolation virus is not separated by love, as long as two months of home office did not make partners estranged from each other, longitudinal gang partners full of spirit, loud slogan, enthusiasm, energy, actively engaged in their own work, continue to strive for the "beautiful display".


Our partners are actively engaged in their respective posts

During the period when Shanghai pressed the pause button, our work never stopped, our goal never changed, and we are more determined to be a united, collaborative, innovative and efficient combat team. The epidemic will pass, just as the spring will come. We will continue to work together to make all-out efforts for the development of Zonggang. We firmly believe that all the way, love will arrive!