The movement does not stop, the struggle does not end

2022-12-17 16:59:12

On December 15, 2022, the Winter Games with the theme of "Work Together, Gather strength for Win-win" of Zhenggang Group, which lasted for a month, came to a successful conclusion in East China Park! The South China Zone was postponed due to the epidemic.

In the past few days, the partners of the longitudinal Port fully carry forward the spirit of "active participation, unity and struggle, and strive to be the first" in the fierce competition arena, wonderful performance of the team style of each branch, achieve the double harvest of sports performance and spirit, achieve the purpose of strengthening the body, promoting friendship, and inspiring morale, for the games drew a successful end.

A review of the competitions

Billiards individual competition: the players calmly respond to the competition, each show the ball skills, grip the pole, the pole, the stroke, sometimes vigorously attack, a bar determines the universe; Sometimes with a touch of defense, the situation is confusing.


Workshop Exercise competition: Dressed in uniform, marching in neat steps, leaving and entering quickly and neatly, with standard queue drills and movements in lockstep, fully demonstrating the positive and vigorous mental outlook of longitudinal harbor partners.


Figure 8 Jump Rope Challenge: With the rise and fall of the long rope, the team members are as light as swallows, full dedication, not only the speed, but also the cooperation between the team!


Table tennis badminton mixed team competition: a ping-pong, sonorous and powerful, a smash, resounding; Smash, split hang, high catch low block, sweat and badminton fly together. As a full-body sport, table tennis and badminton competitions seem simple, but they need enough endurance and explosive power.


25m return Race: The baton is passed in the hands of the team members. In order to achieve the final victory, each team gives its best effort to burst forward with its own little universe. The side of the cheering cheerleaders is also quite to the force, a shout of cheer, encouraged the morale of the team.1671266563447659.jpg

25m return: The baton is passed in the hands of the team. In order to achieve the final victory, each team does its best, with its own little universe burst forward. The cheering side of the cheerleaders also quite hard, a cheer, inspired the morale of the whole team.1671266610703569.jpg

Cheer is the best praise, sweat is the most precious medal. The games broke and refreshed the previous competition records, these achievements are the partners of hard training and indomitable struggle perfect embodiment. At the same time, every contestant, no matter what their achievements are, as long as they do their best, they deserve to win everyone's applause!

1671266801136505.pngReturn relay race, table tennis and badminton mixed race, billiard game

1671267160500889.pngTug-of-war competition, workroom exercise competition, skipping team competition

At the end of the award ceremony, Mr. Qian Kuo, director of Longitudinal Port Group and General manager of Longitudinal Port Shares, delivered a speech at the closing ceremony of the East China Park. First of all, he extended warm congratulations to the winning teams and individuals! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the athletes, judges and staff.

1671267305874104.jpegQian general closing ceremony speech

Mr. Qian said, "This sports meeting is not only a grand event for the port sports, but also a grand event for the inheritance of the company's culture. It is also a grand event for the business divisions of the company to enhance friendship and unity. The successful holding of the games includes the support and cooperation, unity and assistance among all business departments, which reflects the strong team spirit and dedication, and shows the civilized, healthy, positive and upward spirit of Zhenggang and good team morale. These harvest, will be transformed into a strong spiritual motivation of the longitudinal gang family; It will certainly boost your family's spirit of work and entrepreneurship; Will promote the company up and down to work up the confidence and strength!"

Qian also reminded his family members that "the epidemic is coming to an end. I hope you can pay more attention to your health, take part in daily fitness exercises, and have a healthy body!"

1671267413137168.jpeg   Finally, under the general announcement of money, the longitudinal port Group 2022 Winter Games closed successfully! Although the games have ended, but the spirit of sports never stop! In the future work, our partners will continue to carry forward the unyielding effort on the sports field, bravely meet one serious challenge after another, fearlessly climb one peak after another, and continue to work hard for the successful completion of the company's goals and tasks!