Walk with love, build dreams and grow up

2023-06-02 11:11:00

Flying dreams in song and laughter, harvest growth in action and experience. The 2023 parent-child activity "Walk with Love, Build Dreams and Grow Up" of Longitudinal Port Holding Group has arrived as promised. This activity takes health, happiness and companionship as its main theme, hoping that Longitudinal Port parent-child families can get emotional improvement in a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere and leave a precious and beautiful memory.

1685674642178754.jpgGroup photo of East China Park


South China Park group photo

      At 10:00 am on May 27, parents and children from the Zhenggang family arrived at the activity site of the East China Park one after another. The children met and said hello happily, enjoying the food and beautiful scenery with the background theme wall full of children's fun, colorful balloons holding signs, relaxed and cheerful children's songs and music, and a wide variety of snacks and fruits.

      In order to improve children's practical ability, creativity and imagination, and enhance parent-child interaction, the preparation group organized a parent-child DIY link -- handmade Mosaic vases. With the help of their parents, the children made works with different materials, fully reflecting the children's ingenuity and dexterous hands.


Parent-child handmade DIY


Take pictures of handmade works and punch in

After a short lunch, the family arrived at the Shanghai Museum of Natural History by car. With full expectation and joy, the children and their parents started a natural journey together and set out to explore the mysteries of life.

In "Origin Mystery," children follow scientists' footsteps to discover the origins of the universe. In the "River of Life", various animal specimens and fossils are gathered in this exhibition area, which is a good place to study and take photos; Along the "axis of time", parents explain the process of biological evolution and understand the rules of biological evolution for children, children are full of curiosity and interest; In "Road to the Future", children feel that the survival and development of human beings are facing unprecedented challenges. Their small faces reveal seriousness, as if they know that the protection of the earth home is imminent.


Visit the Shanghai Museum of Natural History

The families of the park have come to Sunac Water World in Guangzhou, a cool summer resort. It is an indoor water park with a warm temperature. Themed on maritime silk, it is divided into three theme areas: sea Adventure zone, sea treasure zone and Adventure port zone. Children experience the excitement of walking through the jungle in the coconut grove, feel as if they are in the 4D movie, and feel the power of the ocean in the spray area. At this moment, parents seem to turn back to "children", put aside all the troubles and play with their children to enjoy the leisurely and beautiful parent-child time.


Guangzhou Sunac Water World tour

The short parent-child activities in a happy end of laughter, time recorded the children's smile, I believe that it will also be able to leave a good memory for each group of parent-child families. This activity not only expands the children's vision, exercises the courage, but also enhances the harmonious and intimate relationship between parents and children.

Every step of growth and breakthrough of the longitudinal port is inseparable from the inheritance and innovation of the longitudinal port partners in their respective positions, and more importantly, from the silent support of the family. Taking this parent-child activity as an opportunity, we hope our partners and families can have more wonderful time, experience the warmth of the Longitudinal port and build the dream of the Longitudinal Port together!