The guiding principle of social responsibility of Chungkong follows the Group’s culture concept, which are highly consistent with the mission, vision and values of Chungkong corporate culture. Sharing is the core value of the Chungkong corporate culture and leads the way in which Chungkong's social responsibilities are practiced. Group also proposed a series of responsibility culture concepts of fulfilling economic responsibility, staff responsibility, customer responsibility, partnership responsibility and environmental responsibility, which guide the practice of corporate responsibility.

1、Chungkong social responsibility mission

All for showing your beauty

2、Chungkong longitudinal social responsibility vision

Practicing honest and trustworthy, and striving to create a "

 investors trusting, staff loving, social respecting" excellent 

corporate image, and building Chungkong into an 

international competitively world-class enterprises, to 

achieve the embodiment of the beauty.

3、The concept of economic responsibility

Adhering to the user as the center, carefully safeguarding 

the rights and interests of users. Receiving the users’ 

recommendations, and extreme, rapid improvement, 

to provide users with products and services beyond 

expectations, growing together with users.

5、 Staff responsibility concept

Efforts to create "healthy and happy work, achieve a happy

 life" organizational culture;

Be strict with the manager and be good with the staff;

Respect human values, develop human potential, sublimate

human mind, protect the rights and interests of employees, 

and realize the maximization of enterprise value and employee


6、 The concept of supply chain responsibility

Work together, mutual trust, and win-win cooperation.