Zongkong Holdings has a mission: the leader of the United States!
This beauty is not only a visual feeling, but also a kind of inner pursuit, so that the beautiful vision can be realized!
We advocate that people be able to;Healthy and happy work, achievement happy life;, for our customers to achieve creative and beautiful display, so that the city and life to get better enjoyment!To create an industrial chain for the beauty of life, to lead the healthy development of the industry, can make a little impetus for the soft power of the country。
Mission is our ambition, but to achieve the mission is not a matter of a day, or even requires the people of the longitudinal Hong Kong with 20 or 30 years of unremitting efforts。
Sincere is the line, the walker is!It is hoped that Zonggang Holding Group can build a broad stage for employees to show their talents and realize their career dreams on the journey of realizing its mission.Also for the healthy development of the industry and the improvement of social happiness index to make due contribution。
Chairman of Shanghai Zonggang Investment Holding Group Co. Ltd: