Smart Union

2021-01-08 17:05:50

In the future, Zonggang will continue to upgrade the embodiment of beauty, pay attention to People's Daily life from visual experience, help people improve the quality of life, and enjoy the convenience brought by intelligent Internet of Things.

Zonggang, through the way of integrated research and development, will continue to achieve breakthroughs and innovations in different application fields such as intelligent digital display, voice intelligent control and intelligent industrial park.

Voice intelligent control solution

Through the strategic cooperation with iFlytek, the company has developed a series of products with high precision voice recognition, covering many business intelligence application fields such as smart kitchen, hotel smart rooms, intelligent voice ticket purchasing machine, intelligent voice control advertisement machine, intelligent infrared temperature monitoring and attendance machine, etc.

Intelligent digital display applications

Independent development of digital unified control of enterprise information broadcast system, with the help of 5G technology and the Internet cloud platform technology will be distributed in the terminal display equipment unified management, centralized control, to achieve multimedia information release, interactive on-demand, live video management of the three integrated video management platform;

Weak current security application scheme of smart industrial park

Around the "unified planning, unified guidance, step-by-step implementation, hierarchical management, networking, information sharing" design idea, with "digital and network" as the core concept, network covers wisdom, wisdom, light control, intrusion alarm, video surveillance, intelligent entrance guard, intelligent parking, visitors think several intelligent subsystem, such as, online search, greatly reduce the campus information management operation cost and improve the intelligent level of operation and management, fully build wisdom security, environmental protection and energy saving, efficient, comfortable and harmonious to the wisdom of the characteristic industrial park weak current security system solutions.